GoodNotes 5 Tips and Tricks for Digital Planning and Note-taking with apple pencil

GoodNotes 5 is a note-taking application with an apple pencil on your iPad. I want to show what tips and trick you can do in Good Notes for comfortable planning and digital note-taking

  1. Transfer handwritten text from GoodNotes into a to-do list
  2. Copy the whole page from one digital planner to another document inside Goodnotes 5
  3. Use Double-tap of apple pencil 2 for switch Tools inside goodness
  4. Text navigation for quick editing using simulated trackpad inside Good Notes 5
  5. Search for handwriting text inside the document and library with all documents
  6. Insert a photo from the Internet (safari browser) in a few clicks
  7. Move photo from one document to another document with Lasso Tool in the same window (you don’t need split mode)
  8. Insert scanned page into the current document as a separate page

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